Putting the Co-operation into Co-Working (SUP-X 2019 Panel Video)

Thanks to the internet, many people now have the opportunity to work pretty much anytime and anywhere they can connect. As a result, the demand for shared offices and co-working spaces is booming. However, at we consider ourselves more than just a co-working space. We are also a hybrid incubator, providing mentoring and other services intended to help Startups improve and grow their businesses.

There’s something magical that happens when you put a group of creative entrepreneurs under the same roof. There’s an energy and excitement in the air as each team strives to bring their vision to life and change the world. That energy, call it the “Startup Aura,” spreads and rubs off on everyone working at With open, shared and communal workspace we see each other in action and are constantly inspired and motivated by the passion and drive we see in the hallways and across the room.

Our current members represent Startups in different industries, at different stages, and with founders of different experience levels. Some are first-time founders. Some are serial entrepreneurs. All are dedicated to building a great company. And all have learned a lot from each other and the experience of working alongside other likeminded Startups.

At the recent SUP-X Startups Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, three of the founders discussed their experiences and the beneficial cooperation and community they found working at There’s some great advice for Startups in their discussion, even if you don’t plan to work at a co-working space. Moderated by .CLUB Domains CMO Jeff Sass, the panelists include:

Naiké Owens, Founder & CEO, Melanin Sweets
David Gimes, Founder & CEO,
Alex Frost, Founder & CEO,

You can watch the video of the SUP-X Panel above.